My younger kid brother & me

This happened just yesterday. After my lessons i just poked my head round the door of the gym and my pe teacher asked me whether i have a mind to take part in a basketball match, because they missed just one person. I replied that i do have πŸ˜‰ so played one and a half hours, on the contrary my doctor told me not to take part in such sweatening games (he only mentioned volleyball). Later, my younger kid brother [yeah i know, it means that i have an older one s well, yep] joined us, it was sg unique for me because i think i never have played against him. It was interesting, he played quite well πŸ˜‰ When it has finished both of us just headed to home, maybe it was the very first time, that i went home with him [this isn’t happened because i don’t like him, just both of us have a lot of after school activities ;] so it was an extraordinary afternoon.


About yorkketchikan

I'm just a boy from Europe, as i was told. I'm young, but not for so far, it's not fair -i know it. This isn't my native language, but i'm trying. Started this one for no better purposes than writing in English, because lots of things come to my mind at first in English, sometimes it's disturbing, sometimes not. I love books, rather said: fond of them. I'm not alike anyone else, maybe this is the main problem, not following the mainstream.... If you corner me, I will come out swinging, taking you with me to the seventh hell of the seventh hell. View all posts by yorkketchikan

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