Ski holiday fulfilled with illness and studies

Do you think it’s worthless missing the bus, which u’ ve been waited for a long time,  just for a friendly kiss? Ok, i have to say it was only a pack [never heard this word before, friendly kiss is expressive enough-  in my opinion], but the kind of when you feel the smooth fresh skin, not fresh, soft, indeed, best one. So i think not, it’s for sure 😉   One week is a long time and too worthy to waste, so i have to use it as well as i can, this going to be the hardest part, not the not-going-to-the-excursion one [however it was a tough decision, as well]. So next mission, to complete is this!

I had to start to prepare my summer holiday, at least some part of it. For example: our family is going to have a bike excursion from Switzerland to Germany [from Zürich, to Munich] and i mustn’t miss it, because i missed the last one, because i was in overseas. So we hold it this summer, they arranged another one, for themselves, but it was different. So, the real problem is that all member of my family has a crowded summer holiday, and we are a family of six, so it’s a hard job to find a suitable duration to hold it, and as i’m a member of my family as well, i had a lot of programme. I would like to take part in the WYD [world youth day] in Madrid, but the problem is that, this meeting going to be held at the same time as our family excursion, ok it will cut it to parts. The train-trip lasts for more than 24 hours, and there is no direct flight to Madrid from Munich, arranging sucks, yeah and the costs, they are what really hit the roof, for me.

and, as an addition a music what broadens your mind, and inspires you [at least me] to write sg good 😉 Paul Kalkbrenner – Aaron


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I'm just a boy from Europe, as i was told. I'm young, but not for so far, it's not fair -i know it. This isn't my native language, but i'm trying. Started this one for no better purposes than writing in English, because lots of things come to my mind at first in English, sometimes it's disturbing, sometimes not. I love books, rather said: fond of them. I'm not alike anyone else, maybe this is the main problem, not following the mainstream.... If you corner me, I will come out swinging, taking you with me to the seventh hell of the seventh hell. View all posts by yorkketchikan

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