Oversleepers and the storm

The lights went on, I made them to do so. I want to see the lights of the sky. The blizzard, the storm, and yesss, the lightning. I can hear the wind, as its best, the crazy shshshshssh.

I love it, the sight of the castle and the high-church. The heat is getting away. Earlier I stood in the window, enjoying the liberating coldness of the wind. It was great. I took the 20 best song of the Beatles to play, by an old record player. Just in style.

Now I’m in that stage, when I do restart to listen to the Beatles. The loneliness, when it starts to grow enjoyable. And now I don’t mind it. I like it. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be cool to have one of my girl-friends from abroad in my company. No, I’m just saying that I don’t want to build new ones. Tired of them, can’t even maintain the present ones properly.

aaand now get back to the actions of a time one month earlier.

So, the last two days were really intense for me. I met with a friend, whom I thought I may never see again. But I did meet her. We actually met first in Rotterdam, a year and a half ago, when the European Taizé meeting was in the Netherlands. It was absolutely amazing; I met there so many people. The people at our parish were so nice, and I’m still in touch with a few of them.

The story began like a month ago, when I received a message from my friend on Facebook. It was a shy request, asking for a place to sleep for a night, when they are going to transfer. Initially it was for two people, my friend from Poland, and her friend. First I thought it might be another girl. Later on it turned out that there are going to be three of them. At first, not one girl, but two men. Hah, what a turning point ;]

So I got the details, when they are going to arrive, and I’ve started to plan their staying. Don’t worry it wasn’t a very detailed one, actually it was only about their accommodation. When about two weeks ago, no I think it was only one or one and a half, I noticed my family about the fact that they are going to come. So how shall it be? My first thought was, that they can sleep in my room, and I’m going to move to one of my brothers. But when one of my siblings pointed out the fact, that my brother is living on the same floor and we have no walls, which would separate us. Then I realised that it’s not gonna work. So I made a once-in-a-lifetime-offer to my younger brother: he can sleep in my bed, I’m gonna sleep on the floor, and our guests are going to sleep in his room, all of them. And this is how it has happened.

But before we get to the part, when everybody goes to sleep, we have a hell of a story to tell.

First, I realised, that our city airport has more than one terminal, and they are quite far from each other. I didn’t have a clue about where they are going to arrive. So I thought that I will check out the website of the airport. Bad luck. Two planes were coming from the same city: Warsaw, at exactly the same time to two different locations. So I thought I will go to the farther one, then if it turns out that it is not the correct one, then I will just simply go to the other terminal. I had fifty percent chance, so obviously they were not at the farther one. During the bus ride, I called my younger brother to ask for some information. I made him to log into my e-mail account and check my contacts. I remembered that I got her number in Rotterdam. And that phone was an Android. This is one of the many reasons, why I like Android. So when it was synchronised with my Google account, so I had it in the cloud. And the phone number was still working. It turned out, that they are at terminal 1. This way, I had to wait for the next bus, to carry back to terminal 1, and they had to wait for it also


Finally we met, she looked just like as, when we met last time, she had those white earrings too (actually they are balls). She said it wasn’t a problem, but his friends got a little bit impatient. I could understand them. They waited nearly as long, as they have flown from Warsaw. Then we departed immediately with the next airport bus. It was so incredible to have friends from Poland, coming to my house in Budapest, a friend whom I saw last time in Rotterdam 17 months ago. And we caught up where we left, just as that Taizé meeting ended yesterday. I love this feeling. I read somewhere that these friends are your true friends, people with whom doesn’t matter when was the last time you met, or talk or write, but when you do, you enjoy it so much, and there is no change.

Actually it turned out on the evening of the day before their arrival that I talked about them with every member of my family, except my mom. I thought I have, but I haven’t. So I told her, that two/three Polish people will come to our home for a night, and they will depart on the next afternoon. First she literally freaked out. „No, I’m not going to make everything look clean, tidy and in order, no I don’t have time for that!” Then I calmed her, that there is no need to do so, they just want a place to sleep for that short duration. „But do we have to prepare lunch, dinner and stuffs like that?” I replied that there is no need for extra preparation. And there was not. We ate for dinner, what was left from the agape, after the Sunday mass.

And then we departed to the city. At the metro, it was a free ride. They had only cards, so the inspectors were gentle, and let us go.

Then we made a nice round trip in the city. We walked a lot, and I made them to do so. First we went over the river Danube on the Chain Bridge. And I talked a lot, mainly with her, and one of the guys, who was in a more talkative mood than the other. Then we went up to the Castle, the sight was stunning. There I wished, it could be only the two of us there. She was just like a girlfriend.

Before we went out, my grandma started to talk to her, in German. And I don’t speak German, so I had to ask her in English, that what’s the chit-chat is all about, because she made such faces, as a reaction, that I had to ask. My grandma was hilarious.

We had a long round trip on the bank of the Danube, and back to the grassy place there we had some beer, and after that we headed back to home. On the night bus, I told them, if we get on it before the inspectors, nobody will ever ask for our tickets. And I was right. But we had to walk from the final station of the bus.

the next day nobody went anywhere, they got up pretty late.

We arranged their online check-ins, had a fight with the printer and various data storages, but finally I won, using special ways.

Then they had to depart, I escorted them back to the airport.

At one of the bus stops, I got a mini-concert from them [all of them sings in the same choir] This time it was the other terminal. There I got a nice present from them, actually two: a CD of their choir, and a pretty cool Polish badge. I took the badge immediately onto my backpack, and got their signatures to the cover of the CD. I was so happy, though it was a bittersweet moment. We hugged, strong.

And they were gone. Everybody departed: somebody to Thailand, somebody to home.

And there was the post-departure SMS. Then it was over. Or not ;]


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