One wedding, one funeral

It happened on Saturday. My help was requested by our priest [though he is not a pastor, I like that word better]. I was his third and fourth hand. A helping hand.

I find wedding ceremonies extremely interesting and illuminating. As an altar boy/ministrant I have the honour and the privilege to see and study everybody’s face and the expressions of the emotions on them.

Lately I was present at four. And two was amazing. [I’m not saying that the other two was not good, anyway … you can not rate wedding ceremonies as goods and bad ones, but that two was outstanding] You could feel in the air, that the bride and the groom really did want it. They wanted it, not because it is a social convention, but because they can’t imagine it otherwise.

I wanted to write about weddings earlier. But I didn’t, and the Lord’s name shall be praised for it.

My opinion/attitude has changed, in about two weeks.  Lately I couldn’t imagine how could two people, who possibly do not know everything about each other, say the words. The words bounding them till eternity. How? Isn’t it a kind of irresponsible behaviour? Not just a kind of but vaguely! And sometimes I had the feeling that just in the last minutes, the whole life of the groom rolls before his eyes. And I could totally understand him. Fear, the fear from the ‘What if?’. You can’t predict what’s going to happen. There is no trial version, since it’s called: Life.

The feeling that you are with the right person is crazy, frightening and utterly liberating. It opens up new doors, which existence were hidden from me. Realising, that I can rely on somebody so immaculately … it’s awesome!

So now I think I might understand such decisions.

[ it doesn’t know that I would do it right now … it’s far from me ;]

The Door

ps. this post is a duplicate of my private journal’s entry

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