Distraction from all what matters

Why are most of our deepest desires labelled as sinful ?

If something is so deeply rooted in us how can it be wrong and bad ?

Is it that we can not guide and aim them in the correct direction or path ?

How can we live then a peaceful and fulfilled life, always longing for things said to be wrong ?

Who is the measure of all things to ascribe them as things not to be done. Committed ?

Since it is committed is it a sin, is it a crime ?

Maybe God should be the only measure, but did not he create us the way we feel ? Or someone else also has an influence on our inner self ? How can we choose ? How can we determine right from wrong ?

The feeling of being lost is unbearable. Then you must find distraction. And of course you find it.

Then all the questions will find you again. It is only a question of time and accuracy.


About yorkketchikan

I'm just a boy from Europe, as i was told. I'm young, but not for so far, it's not fair -i know it. This isn't my native language, but i'm trying. Started this one for no better purposes than writing in English, because lots of things come to my mind at first in English, sometimes it's disturbing, sometimes not. I love books, rather said: fond of them. I'm not alike anyone else, maybe this is the main problem, not following the mainstream.... If you corner me, I will come out swinging, taking you with me to the seventh hell of the seventh hell. View all posts by yorkketchikan

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